Florida Institute of Technology (FIT)

Florida Institute of Technology (FIT)Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) provides the most advanced technology in all its campus buildings. With graduation classes exceeding 37,000 students, the university recently reaffirmed its commitment to develop leaders and professionals in the fields of engineering, sciences, business, aviation, and psychology.

Providing a cost-effective method for maintaining existing buildings with a new infrastructure as the university grows was a key factor in deciding how to integrate the existing building automation with the new buildings while maintaining minimal facility staff without sacrificing services.

To meet these goals, MCworked closely with university staff to develop, implement, and maintain graphical standards throughout the growing campus using one common Web-based front-end network. MCalso maintains an inventory of emergency controls equipment in case of an equipment failure and supports the facility staff in purchasing parts for retrofits and adding components to existing systems. (Back to Top)



Adventist Health System

Adventis-web-thumbOpened in 2011 the new Adventist Health Systems new corporate headquarters located in Maitland Florida will employ over 300 employees in its new 150,000 square foot facility. The new certified silver LEED for efficiency building incorporates a new state of the art auditorium that can seat from 120 to 500 people, a new high tech video conferencing center, and a created open space atmosphere style environment that focuses on opportunity for interaction, collaboration and creativity and ensures flow of light and movement through out the facility. The new headquarters is responsible for supporting 43 campuses, 16 long term care facilities and 21 home health care agencies.

MC² provided the closed circuit television system for indoor and outdoor cameras through out the facility as well as the access control including badge handling and security access control for the entire facility. Due to the nature of integration to the project MC² provided a BACnet integration to other facility monitoring and control systems through out the facility providing access control though a common platform. This integration allows ease of use to the end user for a WEB based application for access control, closed circuit televisions and building automation and control systems on a common application.

Project Details

  • State of the Art Integrated IP Video CCTV Camera system
  • Continuum Access control Security monitoring system
  • Code Blue Emergency Response telephone system

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Gator Harley-Davidson

haley-logoGator Harley-Davidson is a family owned and operated full service motorcycle dealership located in Leesburg, Florida. The dealership has been in operation for over two generations. The dealership spans more than 60,000 square feet of space with areas for apparel, accessories, new and pre-owned motorcycles, service and much more.

There current CCTV system did not allow for complete coverage or advance recording capabilities. MC² installed and additional 15 cameras to provide thorough coverage. This allows Gator Harley the ability to greatly reduce shrinkage and via post production efforts enable and review customer service. The show case of this CCTV system is a Pelco DX8132. The DX8100 has long-served the professional security market with a wide variety of search tools, the ability to view up to 72 cameras at the server.

With no licensing fees for Pelco standard definition network cameras, the shift to IP recording is an affordable transition. MC² also provided UL Central Station monitoring for Gator Harley –Davidson for their fire and burglary systems. MC² I installed a GSM radio to transmit the alarm signals which provided additional savings when Gator-Harley eliminated two costly phone line charges.

Project Details

  • 15 Pelco Cameras installed
  • DX8100 NVR Installed
  • Over $700 per month saved in monitoring fees, service fees, and phone lines

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Scripps Research Institute

scripps-webThe Scripps Florida Institute campus is the institute’s only facility outside of its headquarters in La Jolla, California. The campus is a 350,000 SF facility located on a 44 acre site located in Palm Beach County, Florida dedicated to the advancement biomedical research and the application of the latest technologies in drug discovery. The facility encompasses critical laboratories, research and support services. Due to the critical nature of the laboratory experiments and research all mechanical systems are redundant in nature in the event of a catastrophic failure. MC² provided the infrastructure of the automation system that provides monitoring of the building operating systems and critical data. In addition to monitoring the common HVAC automation, lighting and security systems installed, MC² also monitors the critical laboratory temperatures and alarms the maintenance staff. This provided the key essentials necessary for the staff to respond maintenance emergencies before potentially compromising years of research experiments. After completion and commissioning of the systems MC² was hired to support the on-site staff with support.

Project Details

  • Over 350,000 square foot of monitored space
  • Over 13 critical systems integrated together into one common front end server station
  • Critical laboratory temperature monitoring and reporting

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Orlando International Airport

OIADuring its commissioning in 1990, the Orlando International Airport (OIA) managed by the Greater Orlando Airport Authority (GOAA), was seeking to find a partner to upgrade the existing automation and control systems and provide a long term solution for their infrastructure needs. As the 3rd largest U.S airport in 2009, OIA accommodated over 33.7 million passengers, providing approximately 12,000 tons of cooling capacity and monitored over 29,000 hardware automation points . GOAA understands the importance of having a properly maintained Building Automation System and recognizes its vitality to the success of the airport. MCÇ Inc. has been under contract with the GOAA since 1991 and employ’s one full time manager and three other full time staff members on site for 24 hour per day support to GOAA.

GOAA Facility Services is responsible for maintaining day to day operations for the entire infrastructure with MC² supporting the heart of operation through a unique centralized BAS server. The BAS server provides reports, alarms, trends, critical data, schedules and controls the entire facility’s lighting, HVAC automation, and energy related systems. This key information is critical to GOAA personnel to provide an early response to maintenance issues. In most cases, this monitoring prevents failures within the critical systems and avoids causing discomfort or inconvenience to its clients. The system additionally provides GOAA with energy usage information to maximize their investment and provide the most costeffective energy solutions. The workstation additionally monitors generators, fire pumps, power consumption, and electrical switch gear. MC² has integrated these solitary sub systems into a single graphical user interface.

  • Project span from 1989– present
  • Over $25 million in installed systems
  • Over 29,000 monitored hardware points
  • Systems Integration of Lighting, switch gear and power monitoring
  • Fire Alarm status including fire pumps and smoke exhaust systems
  • Building Automation including legacy systems, and generators.

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