control-maintenanceBuilding Control Maintenance Services

All building management systems require preventative maintenance and inspection to insure proper operation per the designed sequence of operations. With the continued demand to reduce energy cost it is important to maintain systems through continuous commission services in order to assure systems are functioning at peak performance. Proper commissioning services and software backup is essential in making sure the building management is performing its operation function with the building systems.

  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Data Analytics for continuous commissioning
  • Systems Integration
  • Offsite data services for backup and restore
  • Critical systems monitoring and reporting



Access Control Maintenance Services

Lost prevention is vital to safety and security to any building. That’s why it is so important that only authorized individuals have access to your organization.

  • MC² security provides:
  • 24/7 remote management and administration
  • Badging Bureau to create access cards with photo ID and access permissions
  • Card access control management
  • Individual card control permissions and access
  • Door schedule maintenance
  • Alarm activity reporting
  • Automatic software updates and software backups
  • Holiday schedules management
  • Installation, service and support



Closed Circuit Television Test and Inspection Services

As a trusted partner of Pelco by Schneider Electric, MC² integrated security incorporates some of the newest technologies in the video management arena.

  • Video Guard Tours: Reduce or redeploy physical guard staff while your facility remains secure under video surveillance.
  • Protect Individuals in sensitive areas: MC² integrated video services can verify access to secure areas on who enters and exits your facilities and track and record suspicious activities.
  • Reduce False Alarms: When an alarm is triggered trained security personnel can view the live video on our premises and in most cases determine the cause of the alarm before having to dispatch security staff to an alarm.
  • Deterrent and theft: Managed video can help deter inappropriate behavior and reduce to the risk of theft while increasing operational efficiency.



Fire Alarm test and inspect Services

Early fire detection is vital to the safety of any organization. Proper fire alarm testing, maintenance and inspection can assure systems are operating properly before fire is detected. MC² technicians will inspect all panels and devices to ensure your building is protected and occupants are notified promptly in an emergency.

  • Test and inspection services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Fire Alarm monitoring services
  • Comply with NFPA 72 and other codes and standards
  • Written documentation and reporting



Monitoring and reporting services

Monitoring security accounts requires precision delivered by professional dispatchers. At MC² we have deployed the best reliable dispatchers in the industry that are professionally trained to assist our customers in an emergency situation or alarm condition and promptly dispatch the right emergency assistance.

  • UL systems monitoring and alarm management
  • Alarm management and dispatching