Since lighting control technologies have historically lagged behind other automated building control systems, even though lighting often represents the single largest energy load in most commercial buildings, MC2 offers intelligent lighting control systems. With controlled lighting systems, our customers can benefit from:

  • Extraordinary energy savings
  • Optimized lighting quality and workplace ergonomics
  • Simplicity of design, installation, and use
  • Immediate return on investment

Authorized Lutron LED  Lighting And  Controls specialist:

With Lutron LED  Lighting And  Controls, occupants have control of their own work environment, facility managers can control every facet of their lighting system, and energy managers can control lighting as part of a facility-wide energy management strategy.

Lutron LED  Lighting And  Controls were designed from the ground up as an integrated lighting control and energy management system that delivers the shortest possible payback from energy savings while at the same time improving lighting quality and personal lighting comfort. Addressable fixture level dimming and switching controls coupled with easy-to-use control software allow Lutron LED  Lighting And  Controls to respond dynamically to the ever-changing characteristics of a building by always providing the right amount of light when and where required. By integrating and simultaneously employing six different energy management strategies in one seamless system, Lutron LED  Lighting And  Controls virtually eliminates wasted energy from lighting.

Lutron LED  Lighting And  Controls puts ultimate control of lighting at a facility manager’s finger tips through the simple click of a mouse. LED Lighting fixtures and controllable lighting upgrades now truly becomes an affordable  energy load enabling facilities to incorporate lighting as part of a portfolio wide energy management strategy. Explore the power of Lutron LED  Lighting And  Controls, and learn the power of taking control of your LED Lighting and Lighting Control energy cost

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